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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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any time if you wish to opine. do not be -- pecksniffian. we are looking out for you. >> sean: six days voters will have ability to determine what direction the country will go. is. will a new course are charred under the leadership romney, less taxes, less spending and less government and administration actually takes responsibility for both its excesses and its failures. now, the difference is between the two men on the ballot are very dramatic. without a doubt. only one of them is a leader.
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let's take a look at brand-new rnc video. >> what is the essential qualities of a leader. >> the leader has an built to see where things are headed before people in genesee it. that vision is not just skill and brilliance but even more their life experience. >> we need to take back america. it's up to you guys. you can make a difference. >> now is the moment where we need to stand up and say, i make my destiny. we deserve better. my children deserve better. my family deserves better. my country deserves better. >> how we're going to restore economic freedom. >> can you win this thing? >> i'm going to win it. >> sean: it's important not to forget what four years of obama's policies have gotten us. economy is joke and we are laughed around the world.
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all this humor is not set sitting well you the american people. according to a survey, governor romney is out in front. and as we reported earlier in the week in critical swing state of ohio, romney is leading in that poll, 50-48. the importance of winning that state cannot be understated. perhaps nobody knows the politics of the buckeye state better than my next guest. joining me from cleveland, ohio, governor john kasich. >> before we get started. i want to say to the listeners, i hope we're saying our prayers to folks on the east coast that have been hard hit, out here in the buckeye stated, our hearts go out to you on and so do our prayers. stay strong and we'll do what we can to help. >> sean: america always rises to the occasion. the tsunami happened.
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that the people we are. we thank you for that. i to have tell you the devastation on long island. new jersey, entire communities are wiped out. it's going to take a while to rebuild. let me first ask you, governor, there was a report today, it was the drudge report, more voters are selecting romney on the machine in marion, ohio and it shows up obama. have you looked into these problems? are you concerned about 30 some days with voting in ohio? >> we have probably the most bipartisan, sophisticated count can operation that you can find in the country. there is always two republicans overlooking the shoulders of two democrats and vice versa. i think that we had planned for this. we are prepared to provide the security. the secretary of state has been on this but -- i don't know how
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they do n it in the other states. they watch one another like a hawk. frankly that is the way it ought to be. >> sean: let's talk -- look, according to every other person, we all know that no republican has made it to the white house without winning the great state of ohio will. you know the state as well as anybody. i was watching meet the press and you said with confidence you feel that the state has moved towards governor romney. short of the rasmussen poll, a lot of polls show the president is leading. why do you feel so confident? >> you have all kinds of polls. i am convinced that god created pollsters to make astroogers look accurate. it's not a pure science. i have seen remarkable enthusiasm. when you see this kind of enthusiasm, you got people
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really all pump up. if you think about four years ago, had you the democrats in the same spot. they were so excited about the opportunity. now you see republicans trading places with them. i see republicans a lot more enthusiastic, a lot more excited than i see the democrats right now. the other thing is, i think there is a sense that what has happened in ohio, we balanced our budget. we have cut taxes. we've tamed our regulators, not to the point if they don't see a problem they don't jump on it, they do. we have the toughest regulations on hydraulic fracking in america. it's the regulators and towns and pounds small businesses. they understand we can't keep doing what we've been doing. >> sean: ohio more than any other state has been subjected to president's hope and change and new tone in washington.
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he was going to part the ways and all this other stuff. they have been subjected to the people in your great state to probably the greatest smear, slander campaign with more money spent there by president obama and the super pacs against governor romney. do you think the negative ads. slandering, do you think it's had an impact on people's mind set? >> what really matters is the wallet. do you have a job. this is always been the case in ohio. what ohioans want to know and they are feeling better about our stated but there is also wind. who is the best job creator is what they care about. they knew mitt romney was smart guy, but what they didn't know he understands me. does he understand my family. does me understand our problems? that first debate was so critical because that is where
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romney broke through. now people say, okay, yeah, he smart, honey i think he gets us. that is the most important thing that i believe has come out of these debates. i think that is why he is going to win ohio. >> shep: i have a problem of 30 days of voting. personally, there is too many things in the final 30 days of an election. i may be old-fashioned. you can get an absentee ballot and then show up on election day if you don't get one. if you analyze the early voting in your state, karl rove has done this -- what they are finding the democrats are getting their go-to people, in other words, democrats that voted in past elections, not adding new people. the numbers are way down there. are a new registered republicans in the state of ohio. has the demographics changed since you ran for governor in 2010? >> what is happening, at this point, undecided voters tend to
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break to those that are not in. it's very close. it's probably, perhaps even a little closer than that rasmussen poll. the internals are still holding up. i believe that romney is still ahead. i have to tell you. i'm not a fortune teller. there is six days or five days to go tomorrow. i still believe that romney could win, but i have also to tell you that those people who romney supporters better be working. it is going to be extremely close. i still give the technologically mitt romney. >> sean: all right, governor. i hope we don't have to stay up all night watching ohio -- i love ohio. many friends in cincinnati, dayton and up north. >> right here. of course you are one of them. >> sean: make it an early night for us. >> i'll do my best.
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>> sean: the white house was quick to release from the bin laden raid and hurricane sandy. where is the photo where four americans died in benghazi. we have breaking news on when the administration received warnings about terrorist flets benghazi that they ig north. then tomorrow night a very special and exclusive interview with one and only clint east wood. he joins me to discuss governor mitt romney. benghazi cover-up and why this will be most important election of our time. that is tomorrow night. clint eastwood plus we are launching a brand-new feature to enhance the hannity viewing experience. details in just 30 seconds. just no fun to drive.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. in moment i will be joined by newt gingrich who says he may have new information about the benghazi cover-up, but first the administration in a desperate attempt to make obama presidential. released a photo of him during hurricane sandy. they did the same thing in the aftermath of raid that got osama bin laden. where is the president sitting in the situation room during the benghazi terror attack. you know why they have not released that photo. probably because it looks like this, empty, they don't know what to know what the president was up to as the assault was taking place. they have been trying to cover it up. as we now know the night of the attack, president was not focused on libya, he was getting ready for this, a campaign trip to las vegas. instead of staying in washington and getting to the bottom of the terrorist attack. we are also learning tonight
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that classified cable voofd by fox news, the u.s. mission in benghazi warned the state department back in mid-august less than a month before the assault that killed ambassador stevens that al-qaeda had training camps in benghazi and the consulate could to the defend against a coordinated attack. so they spiked the football with bin laden. they are out there, photo op galore. where is the picture of the situation room when they had little really realtime video of our consulate being attacked and americans being murdered? where is that video this? >> whole thing gets stranger and stranger. we're not asking what was al-qaeda doing. we're not asking what the various gangs in benghazi doing. we're asking about the american government what it was doing. you would think they have pretty
9:16 pm
good records about where the president was, where the national security advisor was. where the secretary of defense was. where the chairman chairman of the joint chiefs was. yet seven weeks after americans were murdered in benghazi we can't get the truth of this administration. the answer today to the suction i had been given by a united states senator there may be weems from the security advisors office. there answer was very narrowly worded. >> sean: i can put it up on the screen what it specifically says. neither the president nor anyone in the white house indeed any request for assistance in benghazi during the attack? >> right. first of all the people in benghazi asking for assistance. what does that mean? does it mean it was cut off somewhere? the president did not know that
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they were asking for assistance? it's very clear if you look at the reports we now have that the seals, former seals who stayed to defend the ambassador and consulate, they fought until they were killed at 4:00 in the morning there was going to be c-130 gunship. they were using a laser designater to target mortars and they thought there was going to be an airplane overhead to take out mortars. it's almost -- i don't know what the right word. is it's so sad. the people in tripoli on their own put together six american contractors, 16 libyan contractors, they fly in to benghazi trying desperately to bring help. right across the mediterranean there is a marine combat unit. there are c-130ss, there is f-18
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fighter airplanes. in turkey there is fighter aircraft available. none of this is mobilized. who was in charge. who did the president say take care of this? did they want to rescue the ambassador and people that were killed with him. why wasn't anything done. we now have seven weeks of refusal to explain seven hours. i find it very mystifying. >> sean: there are flee aspects to this. before during and after the ambassador requested security. he was denied. who made that decision to reduce the security. then this episode, according to char he lien lamb, our state department was watching this in realtime. where was president? the intelligence community knew within hours this was a terror attack. we have audio that actually
9:19 pm
caused a navy seal to disobey an order to stand down, risk his military career and his life and gave his life seven hours later fighting. he did rescue people. so during this whole thing, they are all requesting, there san audiotape of the consulate begging for help. now, apparently these tapes exist according to my sources. does the white house have an obligation to release them? >> i think the president owes every american on friday or saturday a press conference where they lay out their case. they -- we're not asking you to say everything worked perfectly. we're not going to blame you if if terrible things happened. the man who was in charge of security in the region actually said at one point speaking at a
9:20 pm
congressional hearing that he thought al-qaeda was in the building, meaning the state department. he had greater problems getting help out of the state department from a threat from al-qaeda. he could not get the people -- he excited one phone conversation that must have been horrific where he and this guy whether americans ought to be protected. the guy said don't make the request. it won't be honored. that by the way on the record by somebody who is ployed by the u.s. government. >> what did the president know? did he leave to vegas knowing the country had just been a victim of a terror attack? we got to take a break. we will talk more with newt gingrich and tonight, we go into liberal media. remember cindy sheehan they made her a symbol of the iraq
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anti-war movement. where is the press when it comes to justice for fallen navy seal ty woods and his father who told a compelling story. we're going to look at this bias coming up. [ boy ] there i was.
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. before the attack they denied security. during the attack, it's being watched for help and nothing was done. where is the president. what did he know and when did he know it. considering our state department is watching realtime and then after for two weeks the president refused to acknowledge what they knew in the moment was a terror attack. why did they tell us they didn't know for two straight weeks? >> you triggered this at the end of last segment. it would be emotionally powerful to run a dual time line of the fight in benghazi and what the power structure in washington was doing minute by minute. i think it's horrifying to realize these guys in fire fight trying to protect the secrets and documents and trying to
9:26 pm
survive. here is what is going back on in washington with people who don't seem to be connected to the brutal realities to of the middle east. then i come to the question you just raised which, i have to believe that you watch the president, particularly his speech to the united nations where six times he referred to this really stupid movie. he did it with such passion and such anguish that president obama has locked in his head a vision of islam and vision of muslim world which makes it almost impossible for him to come to grips with how great these dangers are and how much we have to think about it. ask yourself the question. if we have marines that guard embassies in the caribbean where the greatest danger in a drunken tourist on friday night, why did didn't we find folks for
9:27 pm
benghazi? what wlokd blocked them for being honest about this. >> sean: the story they tell us fort hood is an instance of workplace violence. they stopped saying war on terror. overseas contingency operations. this is president that went to cairo and said america was guilty of torture. i don't know what -- i don't know what the basis of his mindset here is. i can't psycho analyze him. he did lie for two weeks because our government watched it in realtime unfold. i don't know why. maybe they failed to give the requested security. it seems like a lot of people are going voting booth and vote without knowing the truth. >> i think the proposition is simple. if the president does not report to the country before the election he earns a no vote on
9:28 pm
reelection because he is refusing to be honest with the american people. if the president did issue an order to help the people of benghazi, where is the order? this is clear historical document. it's easy to find. it's not complicated. where is it? if somebody turned down the commander in chief, who was it. did they tell obama they were turning them down? >> i think he was leading the july movie trailer brigade. six days away. you see the polls. governor romney has a lot of momentum. you are pretty good at assessing in th game. i'm sure you checked in with joe gaylord before you got on the program, but what do you think? >> i think if the election were this friday or saturday he would get a bump from the been the president for the last day or two and the way in which chris
9:29 pm
christie has been very positive about him. that has an impact. the election will go out on tuesday will go out in the wash and be back where we were before the hurricane. i thought before the hurricane we were moving towards a 53-47 or better romney victim and republican controlled senate. when you see these waves start to build. they said romney was winning the early vote by about six points that enormous shock. obama has claimed all along they would win the early vote. so obama will be in big trouble despite being a day or two presidential giving out a lot of money and going around being concerned. >> sean: i just hope people compare and contrast, this is not the same president in
9:30 pm
benghazi. we don't 6 a picture of the situation when the president was flying off to vegas. i'm not saying this is photo op or the president doesn't care. i'm sure he does. you are are right. photo-ops giving away money does not erase four years of a bad economy. it does not erase of the lies told in relationship to what happened in benghazi. >> the fact is the waters recede benghazi is still going to be here. >> sean: thanks for being with us. remember cindy sheehan, she was the face of iraq anti-war movement. why does it come to justice, ty woods and his fallen son they get silence. and go to our website for brand-new online extension to the show. you can access online live. straight ahead. irping ]
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>>. >> sean: polls continue to move in the right direction for governor romney and his mislead skyrocketing in crucial battleground states. we begin with the commonwealth of virginia where mitt romney is leading the president by a whopping 21 points with independents. in florida he is outpacing there by 5 percentage points and in battle state of ohio, independent voted stronger, 49% and obama is trailing 43. so will the independent vote hold the keys to the white house. here to tell us is scott rasmussen. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: let's go to first of all, 52-47 the battleground poll or your poll which today is two or three for romney. >> president has been around 47% ever since the first debate.
9:36 pm
president is trailing consistently among ins. different polls assign independents different ways but we see the independent voters leaning in romney's direction. >> sean: you and gallup, i watch you guys the most. we have battleground which i think is a credible poll. they have him up by five. it stayed that way for a while. do you see it going into election day? >> yes. the race changed after the if you are debate. president obama was ahead and 98% voters didn't change their mind but 2% switched in favor of homicidal. who is actually going to show up and vote is the question. our model suggests there will be 2% more democrats nationwide than republicans. that is not be quite as good as 2004. if that holds, it's going to be very close election, probably
9:37 pm
slight edge with governor romney. >> sean: independents, we keep looking at these numbers. that is grouch by seven or eight points, president obama won -- there is a 16-point swing in many of these polls. is that the difference? >> it is the difference. if you go to some of the battleground states, independents by definition are going to pick the winner of that state. that is huge. i think the other thing that not talked about enough, generation gap. a whole lot of attention about the young voters. that are going to vote for president obama but don't know how many will show up. seniors are leaning toward governor romney and enthusiasm is way up compared to 2008. >> sean: if you look at the independents and add the intensity and you add new republican voters you have a formula for success, at least for governor romney. now, we have to go state by state. this is an electoral college vote.
9:38 pm
do you see a scenario in which romney would win a popular voted and lose the electoral college? >> it is possible. i think for that to happen, romney would have to win the popular vote by less than one point. it could extend a little more than that. >> sean: let's go to florida. interesting poll i found because of the i-4 corridor is where the election is won. florida is pretty much in romney's column? >> it's likely romney. we have shown him up 2-5 points in the state. seniors are really unhappy with the president's healthcare law. that is big issue. romney should be okay there. still we classify as a toss-up but probably a toss-up most likely to move in romney's direction. >> essentially state. it's hard for romney to win the
9:39 pm
election without winning virginia. >> he is up by two and four in theirs, it's leaning toward romney? >> it's going in romney's direction. it's very close. again --, ohio is a place where i think more than anyplace else they want the election over. they can't even watch tv. they are squeezed between ads. nobody is changing their mind. there is a tremendous get out to voted effort. i don't know who is going to win ohio. we show romney up by two. we have shown obama up in five polls, very close. >> sean: you are the only ones that have him up? >> most of the polls show it close. i think this is going to be a state that is going to be all about the turnout on election
9:40 pm
day. >> gregg:. >> sean: according to early voting, obama is not doing that well and romney is doing better. you wrote a column and wisconsin may be the new ohio. no republican has gotten to the white house except through ohio. if romney was to lose ohio but if he wins the other three states fh he wins. >> it is possible. that makes wisconsin a divisive state. if we go to to the early states, romney wins florida and virginia president obama wins ohio, then can romney wins a state that obama won by 14 points. >> paul ryan is very popular in wisconsin. >> there three things. state changed between 2008 and 2010 that helped walker. then a huge battle over walker's plan. the recall effort forced republicans to build a great
9:41 pm
organization that has been turned over to the presidential campaign. polls are very close. paul ryan is added to the particular. nationally biggest thing he made people more enthusiastic about the ticket. in wisconsin, if the republicans pull it off, he may provide that little bit. >> sean: let's assume, we don't know what is going to happen in ohio. i would lean that ohio, i'm counting on ohio, but i think it will be close. if governor romney did win wisconsin and favored in colorado's colorado and you have new hampshire. >> new hampshire has a huge pool of independents. the independent voters swinging in romney's direction. >> a chance in iowa? >> he has a chance in iowa for the same reasons he does in wisconsin. pennsylvania and michigan and minnesota is possible.
9:42 pm
i think those are republican fantasies. >> sean: i think so. >> those states are not likely to go. >> who is going to be the next president? >> i have absolutely no idea. sean anybody who tells you they know who is going to win is lying. >> sean: scott rasmussen you were the close last time around. good to see you. coming up.... >> the hovgs and daughters and sisters and wives. >> obama's and hollywood pals is releasing a gem of an ad push a false claim that governor romney is waging a false war on women. go to hannity live at and for our brand-new online extension of
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>> sean: who better to call, his pals in hollywood. teaming up with liberal celebrities in a pathetic ad. this one claiming that governor romney will wage a war on women if he is elected. women, watch out! >> for you and most americans, protecting women's health stands above politics. they are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. >> they have to make choices about their own health. >> we select leaders promise we make for our children.
9:48 pm
never turning back. we have to keep moving forward. >> we got to keep moving forward. >> we have to keep moving forward. we got more work to do. i don't think your insurance company should decide what care you get. >> only person should decide about your health care is you. >> sean: reaction, monica crowley and julie radinsky. we wanted dirty air and water and we want kids with down's syndrome and we want on to kill grandma. we don't care about women, we hate them? >> the left has argued for decades, they always argue on on emotional terms. by the way, in that ad, what is particularly disgraceful about that when they argue about no politician should tell you how
9:49 pm
to run your healthcare. what do you think obamacare is? it the government, bureaucracy. >> sean: we don't care about anybody. we are selfish and greedy monsters. what happened to hope and change what happened to mr. positive. you run on small things. do you think republicans hate women? >> no. >> sean: don't pay for birth control. >> wait a second. it has to do with the following. before obamacare came along, insurance companies were allowed to charge more money than men because they have more expenses. women should not be penalized because they have more expenses than men. obamacare got rid of a lot of things. >> sean: obamacare is going to bankrupt the country. >> here is the thing.
9:50 pm
if you believe as i do and apparently most people do that women are entitled to the same healthcare as men for the same amount of money. >> okay. let's stipulate there are serious problems in the healthcare system and containing cost issues, why was it necessary to nationalize one-sixth. economy to do it? >> apparently nobody else is willing to do it. >> let me tell you why. when you look at the history of socialist states, one of the things they do when they claim power is seize control of the healthcare system. why? because if the government controls your healthcare the government controls you. >> sean: obama sold this at -- $900 billion. how are we going poo to pay for it. it's now three times the cost. >> and you have the cbo, bring down the deficit.
9:51 pm
wait a second. wait a second. sean, you can't suddenly say. >> now it's $2.7 trillion. >> are you quoting the cbo, i'm quoting the cbo. >> sean: you can spin it any way you want. you can't triple the costs and we have raided medicare and we still can't pay for it. $716 billion. >> no, that money was not going for obamacare. >> it's robbing peter to pay paul to pay for it. $6 trillion is that -- bush was unpatriotic for $4 trillion in debt. is $6 trillion unpatriotic? >> do think debt and the interest the fact that we are insuring people and saving their lives is that important? >> sean: i have to run.
9:52 pm
>> you can't take the healthcare system and turn into socialized medicine. >> who is socializing medicine? >> sean: obama. when we come back, a special this week, media bias how the media continues to downplay the tragedy, the cover-up in benghazi. brent bosel is next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. plus the perfecting color of a bb cream equal?
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. >> sean: time for a media mash. how the media tries to put a liberal spin on the news. president obama media allies they are full panic support mode. joining me is president of the media center, brent bozel. we interviewed ty woods, what a comparison. we are hardly covering that story. let's go back and look at the cindy sheehan coverage. >> she lost her son in iraq. she opposes the war. now she is camped out at president bush's ranch and won't leave until he meets with her. cindy sheehan is red hot symbol against the war. she is magnet to the anti-war
9:57 pm
movement. >> she icon in the war's turning point if this is one. for three weeks she has mobilized protestors. she is taking a stand both with and without relatives in iraq. >> they basically said made decisions about his son or basically guilty of murder. no coverage. >> i don't know, the conversation that has what happened with this story. take away the controversy. it is one of the single most powerful stories that you and i will see in our lifetimes. two men who didn't have to do what they did and did it anyway. that were ordered not to do it but disobeyed orders because they were fellow americans who needed to be saved. they knew they were going to their deaths. they were knew they were going to die and they still did this. >> sean: they were told to stand down and then gave their lives.
9:58 pm
the were mile away. they knew that their fellow americans were under attack and went in to save them. >> when you were interviewing more woods, i could hear it. my wife was watching it. she was in tears. when she told me about that interview. that is about a powerful testimonial as you could get. yet, what is going on here, sean i believe in will is a massive cover-up going on. i think it's bigger than most people realize. if the truth came out it would cost barack obama his reelection and the media are so vested in his reelection they are complicit in this cover-up. they are refusing to report news. >> sean: one of the things, for governor homicidal goes out and he raises money and he sends his bus and collect foods and supplies for victims of the storm. there is the press office.
9:59 pm
and nbc news criticizing governor romney. is there any shame at that network anymore, now that chicago is racist term? >> republicans are all over the country pleading, blood, donations and funding for fellow americans and they are being attacked for that. do you think that the red cross doesn't want the kind of support that mitt romney is generating around the country? of course, they do. >> sean: all right. brent bozell you are a great american. five days to go as of tomorrow. thanks for being with us. that is all the time we have left this evening. tomorrow night, an exclusive interview with the one and only clint eastwoodwood. he'll talk about the cover-up in benghazi and why mitt romney is the only answer for this country. that is right he